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5 Essential Rules for Crafting a Friendly and Engaging Website.

5 Essential Rules for Crafting a Friendly and Engaging Website.

by | Aug 1, 2023 | News & Blogs

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Welcome to our blog post where we’ll share five essential rules to create a website that leaves a lasting positive impression on your visitors! Building a website is like crafting a masterpiece, and every detail matters to ensure its success. Let’s dive into these friendly guidelines

Embrace Simplicity, Say Goodbye to Splash Pages

Imagine arriving at a website, excited to explore its content, but instead, you’re greeted with a beautiful yet purposeless splash page. We’ve all been there, and it’s not a great experience. So, rule number one: ditch the splash pages! Let your visitors dive straight into the heart of your website, welcoming them with valuable content right away. By doing so, you’ll keep them engaged and discourage that pesky “back” button from being clicked.

Less is More with Banner Advertisements

Banner ads might have been popular in the past, but nowadays, they’re often ignored by savvy internet users. Let’s be clever and make the most of our website’s real estate! Instead of overwhelming visitors with excessive ads, focus on providing valuable content that naturally incorporates relevant affiliate links. This way, your visitors will feel more compelled to make informed purchases rather than feeling pushed into it.

Navigation should be smooth sailing for everyone, including young ones. Keep it simple and straightforward so that visitors of all ages can easily find their way around your website. Steer clear of complicated Flash-based menus or multi-tiered dropdowns that can confuse your visitors and send them packing. Remember, an intuitive navigation menu is the key to keeping visitors happily exploring your content.

Show Them the Way – Clear Indication of Location

Imagine browsing a website and getting engrossed in its fantastic content, but suddenly, you find yourself wondering where you are within the site. Don’t let your visitors get lost in the vast ocean of your web pages! Provide clear indicators of their location so they can effortlessly navigate to any section they desire. This way, they’ll always feel in control and more likely to stay and explore.

Silence is Golden – Minimize Audio Usage

While captivating visuals and compelling content are fantastic, excessive audio can be a real turn-off. Imagine your visitors settling in to read your amazing articles, only to be interrupted by annoying audio looping in the background. Let’s avoid that scenario, shall we? If you must include audio, make sure it’s optional, allowing visitors to control its volume or mute it entirely. Happy visitors mean longer stays on your website!

Remember, when it comes to website design, the user experience is paramount. By following these five friendly rules, you’ll create a welcoming online space that entices visitors to stay, explore, and return for more. Happy designing!

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